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once upon a time...

2003_  regional politicians are encouraging the development of local hospitality in view of the imminent creation of the "Tre Denti e Freidour" national park, and the 2006 Winter Olympics which will take place between Sestriere-Pinerolo-Turin;

2004_ a dozen people take part in a project that sees the creation of a small campsite right in the area where we are today, to which is added the project / dream-of many years of chef Renato del Monferrato (restaurant, Turin, Gran Madre area ) to open his own restaurant;

2005_ officially opens the  first version of  Camping Verna

2006_ while most of the people resign from the initial company, the 2 brothers Renato, his wife Anna, and Giorgio with Irene decide to keep the project going; Renato will excellently take care of the restaurant until 2022, while Giorgio and Irene will continue to believe in the potential of the campsite which is initially only a (high) cost and they continue patiently with commitment and love to take care of the campsite and its very first customers, the which with a wide word of mouth will bring more and more guests to these remote and hitherto unknown lands;

2018_ after 12 years of undeniable growth Giorgio and Irene decide to let go the activity     to dedicate themselves to their health; right at that moment, we, Christina and Matteo, find ourselves in a transitional period between the birth of our two children and work camps, so we decide not to leave this place for an uncertain future and try to take care of it ourselves;

so far so good. 

We have revolutionized our lives, favoring life in the open air for us and our two children, dedicating ourselves to a job that has many jobs inside; learned to manage (... still learning), and combining the different aspects, the private life and some endless days of work (during the six months of opening) or the puzzles of management, design and maintenance during the wintertime

we are now so proud and grateful to have received this opportunity, and we try to maintain the philosophy that made this place special and captivating for lovers of camping life, providing every service that can help make every camping experience even more enjoyable. stay. Promoting mutual respect for others and for the nature that surrounds us;

do not come to camping verna if you are looking for a place where entertainers let your children play away from your sight, while you watch TV on the pitch.
come here if you want a quiet place to spend quality time with your family, company, a book or yourself.
if you like walking in trails, climb a peak (not that high, suitable even for the little ones).

certainly the road the last 6km is still waiting for the intervention of the famous politicians who at first pushed to create and do ... who never showed up ... who knows if one day they will remember us, if they will be kind or if they expect more ... for now that's okay, the bad road gives us the opportunity to be honest immediately with our customers, to open a sincere and eloquent dialogue on how our priority is your stay's well-being, not the our financial gain


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